Imagine a generation of young people who dare to dream. Dare to excel.  Imagine a generation of young people fueled with Mina Edison’s passion for success, entrepreneurship and virtuous leadership.

We invite you to join this influential group. 

Membership dues contribute to the following program elements: student scholarships, a spring membership gathering and a fall community-wide event.  Individual mentoring opportunities will also be made available to students and members as mutual goals and interests are identified among them.

Heritage  (Lifetime membership)
Sidney Ann Brinson*
Berne Davis * **
Suzanne Edwards*
Helen Hendry* **
Edith Kingsley* **
Mavis Miller* **
Julia Rush*
Madeleine Taeni*
Lynne Taylor*
MaryJo Walker*
Laura Weir*
* Founder
** In Memory



Margaret Allen
Betty Birely
Carol Culliton
Martha Dean
Frances Fenning
Frances Fenning
Leigh Hayes
Marcia Hobe
Paula Houghton
Sheila Kagan
Eleanore Kleist
Susan Kyle
Mary Mann
Beverly McNew
Charlotte Miller
Morgan Melvin
Karen Nathan
Edith Pendleton
Julia Perry
Lynne Pritchett
Theresa Roberts
Suzanne Robinson
Robbie Roepstorff
Cynthia Smith
Marilyn Smith
Donna Sublett
Pamela Templeton
Jennie Zipperer

Nancy Graham
Cheryl Honc
Holly Leland
Deirdre Mann
Ann Kelly McCaughan
Marlene Moulton
Victoria Stephan
Ruby Wiltshire